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" Jo really knows her onions! "

Paul Carter

Founder and MD of Get Carter Productions

" Jo is brilliant to work with – from the beginning she has been a source of professionalism and brought a personable, friendly and collaborative atmosphere with her. She’s a great addition to the team and her work is always exemplary. She adapts to changes quickly, took the time to familiarise herself with the tone of our brand and has been enthusiastic and level-headed throughout our time with her. She's a treat to work with. "

Shelby Derbyshire

Head of Content and Production GCSE Pod

" An intelligent, educated, but down to earth voice - Jo will bring any voice-over project to life...a warm, husky, relaxing British female voice with a hint of England's North East "

Gary Terzza

Live Announcer on Channel 4, E4 and More4

" It was great to work with Jo. She is thoroughly professional and her attention to detail and speedy response helped us to keep our project on track . "

Richard Sharples

MD Education Relations,

" Specifically, Jo inhabits a free-wheeling, uniquely intelligent play-state ...with sharp-minded delight and serves any business dynamic with joyful economy and wit. "

Nancy Wolfson

Voice-over coach at BrainTracks Audio

" I could listen to Jo's voice all day long. "

Jo Cameron Co-founder of LaunchPad HR & Director of Colleagues on Tap

" We recently worked with Jo on a radio campaign.She was a first class VO, very accommodating and professional, even with the short notice we gave. We'll definitely be using her again" "

Phil Greenwood


" Jo turned round a brilliant voice over within a very short space of time and perfectly on brief. She was a pleasure to work with "

Tim Cochrane

British Heart Foundation

" Loved working with the very sexy-voiced Jo! Thanks to Jo, beautiful voice of our "Law of Attraction" video. "

Michelle Taylor

MD Tallulah Love Ltd

" As one of the leading law firms in the North East..getting our "tone of voice" exactly right was essential. Jo captures our essence of professionalism, approachability and clarity with just the right note of someone from this region.She is a true professional herself who goes the extra mile to deliver the highest of standards "

Charles Penn, Head of Marketing & Business Development

Sintons LLP

" Jo is an absolute pleasure to work with. Her voice is warm and versatile, adding real quality to the commercial and she makes the production process very smooth and easy. "

Kieran Gavin

Head of Creative Services, The Living Room

" Listening to Jo's voice is like having warm caramel poured into your ears! "

David Ault

David Ault: Voice actor, narrator and science communicator

" By using Jo we have been able to create an extremely professional end result and one that has been commented on numerous times. Jo's voice is clear, professional and captures the image we wish to portray for our business. Working with Jo was easy - her talent for understanding our requirements, completing the voice-over and follow up was a delight. "

Jonathan Mathews

Commercial Director Protirus UK Ltd